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If you haven’t had a chance to fill out our online attendance survey or you are a new visitor please head to www.wolbc.org/attendance - we promise to keep your information secure but we’d love to get in touch with you remotely!


Axis Student Ministries: Pastor Colby continues to post videos and all the previous videos and information that has been shared during this time is posted on their fb page - facebook.com/AxisSM


Parents to school aged or younger kids, check out our fb group and page -information is posted regularly to our group, including weekly KW2 (Kids Worship Too) videos from Kevin Dore

Page: facebook.com/WOLBCKidsGroup: facebook.com/groups/WOLBCKids

If you are looking for a place to keep up to date with announcements (and occasional prayer updates) check out our fb group - facebook.com/groups/wolbc

Prayer Requests: Those serving in our military: Joshua Bell, Kristian Bell, Joel DiMarzo, Lawson Domke, Katelynn Hatala, Jered Helwig, Elaina Matuzak, Mackenzie Sims, and Brandon Srebnik.

Lift up those with ongoing health concerns: Viola Beyer, Karen Gonsler, Scott & Linda Joy, Dan & Wilma Kirschner, Faith & Alden Kirschner, Phil  Kirschner, and Judy Taracks. 

  Prayer Requests:   Lift up Rachel Achatz and Loretta Beyer  in prayer giving them  comfort and peace.  

                                 Continue to pray for the Bodems and Bret & June Oldman, and Jesse Paul.   

There are many unspoken needs in our congregation, including upcoming surgeries and those struggling with chronic illness. Please remember them in your prayers.  .

Pray for our Church Families:

  • Monday -Dan & Gwyn Domke
  • Tuesday - Kevin & Beth Dore
  • Wednesday - Marlin & Gaye Dorr
  • Thursday - Richard & Tricia Doyle
  • Friday - JoAnn Dubey
  • Pray for our Supported Missionaries: Jon & Elizabeth Duba, BYRON BIBLE CAMP, SOUTH DAKOTA, Huron, SD



Word of Life's in person worship services have been suspended for the moth of January.

Please join us on line at: 




Church Office  - Open

Hours: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Closed over the lunch hour and all day on Thursday

Staff Elders

Reverend Scott A. Joy - Lead Pastor

Reverend Timothy Decker - Administrative Pastor

Pastor Colby Hetcel - Pastor of Youth

Non Staff Elders

Dan Kirschner

Kevin  Berg

Kevin Dore

Jim Makowske

Bill Speer

Church Secretary: Jeanne Romero

Administrative Assistant to the Pastor of Youth: Sara Zimmerman