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Axis Student Ministries has many videos from Pastor Colby (and some other contributors) posted on their fb page - fb.me/AxisSM


Parents to school aged or younger kids, check out our fb group and page - fb.me/WOLBCKids –information is posted regularly to our group, including weekly KW2 (Kids Worship Too) videos from Kevin Dore - facebook.com/groups/WOLBCKids


If you are looking for a place to keep up to date with announcements (and occasional prayer updates) check out our fb group - facebook.com/groups/wolbc/

Congregational Meeting

July 19, 2020

5:30 PM

Ladies' Bible Study

Ladies' Bible study will begin this Wednesday, July 7th and will be meeting every week through August  25 in the church fellowship hall. 10:00 AM til noon.


Prayer Requests: Those serving in our military: Joshua Bell, Kristian Bell, Joel DiMarzo, Lawson Domke, Katelynn Hatala, Jered Helwig, Elaina Matuzak, Mackenzie Sims, and Brandon Srebnik.

Lift up those with ongoing health concerns: Viola Beyer, Dan Fluker, Karen Gonsler, Scott & Linda Joy, Faith & Alden Kirschner, Phil  Kirschner, Millie Paad, Judy Taracks. 

Continued prayer for Jesse Paul with heart concerns, Don Deadman, June & Bret Oldman, our church missionaries struggling during the COVID 19 pandemic, strength to our nation's leaders for wisdom in their leadership. Pray for Laurie Kilgore's brother Dennis Rabeau who was diagnosed with Lymphoma.  Pray for wisdom giving him strength, peace and comfort and wisdom to the doctors treating him and deciding the treatment. Continue to pray for Dan & Wilma Kirschner. Lift up Dennis Bodem in prayer who has been diagnosed with colon cancer.

There are many unspoken needs in our congregation, including upcoming surgeries and those struggling with chronic illness. Please remember them in your prayers.

Pray for our Church Families: Monday -Chris & Jade Olds

                                                      Tuesday - Michael & Taylor Oliver

                                                      Wednesday - Amelia Paad

                                                      Thursday - Scott & Paula Paad

                                                       Friday - Anne and Jim Page

Pray for our Supported Missionaries: Paul & Melissa Ewing, NORTH AMERICAN BAPTIST CONFERENCE, Sakai Shi, Osaka-Fu Japan

Series:  The Gospel Unleashed

Title:  "The Spirit of Change"

Text: Acts 10: 1-23

Pastor Colby Hetcel

Worship Services: 8:30 AM  

   10:45 AM - Streamed Live on You-Tube

Church Office  - Open

Hours: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Closed over the lunch hour and all day on Thursday

Staff Elders

Reverend Scott A. Joy - Lead Pastor

Reverend Timothy Decker - Administrative Pastor

Pastor Colby Hetcel - Pastor of Youth

Non Staff Elders

Dan Kirschner

Kevin  Berg

Kevin Dore

Jim Makowske

Bill Speer

Church Secretary: Jeanne Romero

Administrative Assistant to the Pastor of Youth: Sara Zimmerman