Word of Life Baptist Church's Mission:

To Make Fully Devoted and Fully Developed Disciples of Jesus Christ

Vision/Discipleship Strategy

Reach Lost People … With the Gospel message

Connect Believers … Into Communion With Christ & Community Within His body

Prepare Servants … For Meaningful Ministry

Multiply Disciple-Makers … To Expand the Gospel Ministry

Our Simple Ministry Approach

Love All People Where They’re At

Lead Them To Where They Belong

Live Out What We Proclaim



A Summary of What we Believe

We believe the Bible is the written Word of God and that it is the authority for faith and life. 

We believe that humanity was created to bring glory to God but that we have all sinned by turning away from our Creator and living for other things. 

We believe that God sent Jesus Christ, His Son, to take our sin, guilt, and punishment by dying on the cross in our place. 

We believe that all who trust by faith in the work of Jesus will be saved from the wrath of God and given new life. 

We believe that God has called every follower of Jesus Christ to share the Good News of salvation with the world. 

Full Doctrinal Statement