What started as a pop-up course for a church event is now open to the public as an outreach of Word of Life Baptist Church to our community.

The course is closed on Sunday mornings and/or when funerals are taking place.

Parking in the lower lot is preferred - the 1st tee is up the stairs by the front entrance / mailbox.

Course maps are available near the first tee pad or available here

Loaner disc sets are available just inside the first set of doors at the main entrance to the church, inside a yellow box.

Please bear with our transition toward something more permanent:

- We have a mixture of tee pads marked with orange or yellow stakes as the front of the "tee pad." Some are existing concrete or asphalt, others are outdoor carpet-covered rubber mats.

- Current baskets are loaned to us by members of the Alpena Disc Golf Club, with hopes that we can upgrade to permanent baskets when finances allow. So, there are also a variety of baskets.

- We have garbage bins available by the bend on #2, after # 4(13), 7 (16) and # 9 (18) on the course, so please help us care for the church property (which should help when we try to make the course "permanent").

Mando's (we hope to add signs eventually): Hole 3 - right of the 1st tree Hole 9 - left of the group of 4 trees. If you miss the mando, take your penalty stroke and go the the marked drop zone to the left of the two other birch trees (it should make sense when you're there).

Recommended "Hazard": All asphalt (Hazard penalty stroke, but play from where the disc lies). When leagues play, this rule is followed.

Have fun out there!